Create and send a SocialCard that can be announced to your Social Media Connections-Facebook Friends, Twitter Followers and LinkedIn Connections!

  • 1Photo from social stream or mobile
  • 2Title of the card
  • 3Message
  • 4Sender's profile image
  • 5Smiley sticker
  • 6Audio sticker
  • 7URL of the SocialCard online
  • 8QR of the SocialCard
  • 9Address of the recipient(Mailing for the postal; Email for Digital

Use Cases


Send birthdays, anniversary and congratulations to friends and family!

Thank You

Send Thank you notes for gifts received, dinners attended and job interviews.


Fourth of July, Hanukkah, Christmas - Whatever be the day, make it easier with SocialCards!


Running a business? Send special offers to customer lists in a new unique way!


Send reminders to customers to visit you again.


Moving to a new office? Launching a new website? Send announcements that people will remember.

When you sign up you will be prompted to connect your Social profiles to your account. We can help build your Social address book with your connections from Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+.
The Social Address Book in our system is the most comprehensive one you will find…. But that's not all :

Postal Address Request

Don't have postal addresses for your contacts? Fear not. Just use the "Postal Address Request" feature and we will contact them on your behalf and give them a simple way to fill out their address to your address book.


You will be updated with email and push notifications when someone joins SocialNetGate. When your contact receives a SocialCard sent by you, you will receive notification as well.


You sort and categorize your contacts by tagging them. You can even hide contacts that you no longer are in touch with so your address book stays clean and efficient.

Bulk Upload

Do you have contacts outside of the social profiles? No problem. You can use the bulk upload feature and upload these contacts to the address book. So, now the grandmother without a Facebook account can be in your address book.

Win NetCoins to send SocialCards based upon your Social Media Influencer score.
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You have a larger social circle and your activities in Social Media reach more people. You can keep this status by being active.


You are a medium influencer. You have reasonable social circle and your activities reach a good number of people.


You are a low influencer. You are getting started on social media and you have limited reach to other people.

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