Creating and Sending a SocialCard will also be announced to your Social connections – Facebook Friends, Twitter Followers and LinkedIn and posted on your activity page.
SocialCards are powerful tools for your business' digital marketing strategy. Every aspect of SocialCards is closely integrated with social media.

SocialCards are powerful tools for your business' digital marketing strategy. Every aspect of SocialCards is closely integrated with social media.

Viral Marketing

When you send SocialCards to your list, your social profiles are updated with this information. On the other side, as the recipients start to receive the SocialCards you sent, their social profiles are updated with this, leading to great viral word of mouth about your business.


As soon as someone in your list of contacts joins SocialNetGate, you will be notified with email and push notification. When your contact receives a SocialCard sent by you, you are informed with a similar notification as well.

Social Content

SocialNetGate extracts photos from your social media accounts so you can easily use them to create SocialCards. One of the delivery options for SocialCard is social sharing which basically means that the created SocialCard becomes content for your social media marketing.


SocialNetGate tracks every step of the SocialCard process, from creation, printing and mailing. And when it is received by the various recipients, details regarding the date/time, place and other important factors are tracked, stored and reported.

Keeping an updated address book for your business is very important. SocialNetGate has a powerful address book feature that not only brings connections from social profiles but also helps make the address book, the most trusted, dependable source for your business.

Postal Address Request

Don't have postal address for your contacts? Fear Not. Just use the "Postal Address Request" feature and we will contact them on your behalf and give a simple way for them to fill out their address to your address book.


You can connect and pull lists stored at email service provider systems such as MailChimp, Constant Contact and Vertical Response. Also you can bring the contacts from CRM systems such as


You can tag the contacts so they can be grouped, sorted and merged. You can even hide the contacts that you no longer are in touch with so that your address book is clean and efficient.

Bulk Upload

Do you have contracts outside the Social profiles? No problem. you can use the bulk upload feature and upload these contacts to the address book. So, now the grandmother without a Facebook account can be in your address book.

SocialCards are used to meet diverse range of purposes. SocialCards are delivered in both directions - inbound and outbound. Here are some of the selected case studies of uses of SocialCards.

Contest For A Car Dealership

A car dealership in Northern California uses SocialCards to run contest campaign so the past customers are reminded about the dealership and also to stimulate new leads to walk in to the dealership. Prizes for categories such as funniest car starting noise, cleanest car etc are awarded.

Promotion For A New Movie

Fans of stars in an upcoming movie may request signed autographs and audio from the star of their choice. The API, SocialNetGate, which empowers the movie website and mobile App, can send SocialCards to interested fans.

Replace Retail Storefront

A modern, contemporary furniture retail store in the city of San Francisco with a manufacturing facility replaced their storefront with the use of SocialCards and informs their list of contacts about new entries of furniture with a "Click here to buy" to enable ecommerce.

Special Announcement For A Restaurant

A French restaurant in New York City uses SocialCards to make announcements about their seasonal specials such as Crab Festival and Thanksgiving specials. The patrons carrying the SocialCards back to the restaurant are given a discount on their meals.

SocialNetGate makes it so convenient for your business to create and send SocialCards. Using the API, you can make SocialCards part of your digital marketing plan. You can also create white labeled SocialCards from your website or mobile app.

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