1. SocialCards

    1. What are SocialCards? SocialCards are postcards that contain a photo taken from your social profile, along with a title and message. The created SocialCards can then be sent to one or more of your contacts, family or friends.
    2. How much does it cost to send SocialCards? Each SocialCard sent postal mail costs 10 Netcoins to send.
    3. How long does it take for the SocialCards to arrive? It depends upon the location of the recipient. Typically it takes 3-4 business days.
    4. I want to send one SocialCard to several people. Is that possible? Yes. You can select up to 100 people per SocialCard.
    5. Can I send some other gifts to my friends/family instead of or in addition to SocialCards? Not yet. But we are working on new features including gifts.
    6. Which countries are supported in this program ? At the moment, you can send SocialCards to anyone in the US, Singapore and India. We are working with potential partners in other countries and will add these countries once they become available.
    7. I dont live in the USA, Singapore or India. Can I send to someone there ? Absolutely. All you need to have is a NetCoins balance to send.You can either earn or buy the NetCoins
  2. General

    1. What is SocialNetGate ? SocialNetGate is a suite of web and mobile applications for consumers and businesses containing a powerful platform to publish content, monitor Social Media streams and perform analytics. The SocialPublisher product is for businesses and is available on a subscription basis. SocialCards is a consumer App offering viral and social marketing tools that enables users to connect their social profiles and communicate to them in just three clicks.
    2. Is there an iPhone / Android app for this ? Yes, we have mobile apps in the Apple Appstore and Google Playstore.
    3. What is Influence marketing program ? In Social Media, everyone has different levels of influence. That influence is based upon the quality and quantity of the collection of friends/followers/connections and the activities carried out in the Social Media. At the core of the SocialNetGate (or SocialCards App) there is an influence score-tracking engine which measures how much influence the user has.
    4. How can I establish my influence score or level ? It is simple. Sign up at www.socialnetgateapp.com or the mobile app. Once you successfully join using your Facebook profile, your score is immediately calculated. You may add additional profiles which will refresh your score. Based on your score, your level is determined. There are 3 levels of influence: Platinum, Gold and Silver.
    5. What are the benefits to Platinum level membership ? As a Platinum level member, you will get the Platinum accessible privileges. In addition, you will receive 30 NetCoins every month FREE. They can be used for sending SocialCards.
    6. What are the benefits to Gold level membership ? As a Gold level member, you will receive Gold accessible privileges. In addition, you will receive 10 FREE NetCoins every month. You can use this for sending SocialCards.
    7. What are the benefits to Silver lever membership ? As a Silver level member you will have access to the Silver level privileges.
  3. NetCoins

    1. What are NetCoins ? NetCoins are the virtual currency used in SocialNetGateApp.
    2. How much does it cost ? One NetCoin cost $0.99. However, if you buy a bulk pack, the cost is as below: 10 NetCoins pack - $0.99 per NetCoin, 100 NetCoins - $0.89 per NetCoin, 1,000 NetCoins - $0.79 per NetCoin, 10,000 NetCoins - $0.69 per NetCoin
    3. Can I earn NetCoins without paying ? Yes, there are activities that can add NetCoins to your account. For example, by visiting the mobile or web app of SocialNetGateApp, you will earn 10 NetCoins every 3 days.
    4. Do NetCoins expire ? The ones we give you often have 30 day expiration date. However, the NetCoins you purchase will never expire.